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Looking for information because you (want to) go to Australia soon?
We are Australian Backpackers, the online platform with all the answers to your questions!


At the moment we are still busy getting our website in order, but if you have any questions, please contact us via:

*Please not, we would like to receive your mail in English!

Let us know about your favourite hotspots in Australia!

We would love to know your favourite spots (national parks, coffee bars, hostels, etc.) in Australia. Please let us know by sending it in the comment down below and we would love to share it with others! you can use ABP2023 for access.

What's new?!


From now on we have opened a platform for you where contact can be made via posted messages and comments. This way you can, for example, look for a new travel buddy, offer your car or other Australian related questions.


We hope to give you a good first impression in this way and hope to give you more information soon!


You can find everything in the menu by Q&A Chat or by the link below